Monday, September 1, 2014

Our final day, Malpeque Bay, Indian River and Summerside

8 days sure go fast.  Here it is our last Friday and suprising the boys don't have any golf planned, so they are coming touring with MJ and I.  Jim and Andy have had oysters every night, large Malpeque oysters.  So as we were putting our day together Jim really wanted to go and see where these yummy, slimy, slippy appetizers came from.  I have tried and tried oysters.  Usually swallowed whole, no chance was I chewing them.  MJ tried a couple, but after the 2nd night of watching the guys suck these things into their mouth and chew away even she couldn't have anymore.  Thank goodness for shrimp.

The large oysters went for around $1.50 each.  A bargain.

Malpeque was the first little fishing village we had been in that had literally no colour to it, but in its own way very beautiful.

Down the road from Malpeque Bay is St. Mary's Church in Indian River.  It was built in 1902 and was a Catholic Church until the Indian River Festival purchased it in 2010.  

"St. Mary’s Church, home of the popular Indian River Festival, has been designated a heritage place in recognition of its historical and architectural significance to the Island, says Tourism and Culture Minister Robert Henderson."
“St. Mary’s Church is the true star of the Indian River Festival,” said the minister. “One just needs to hear the acoustics and tour the building to appreciate the details that make this church so architecturally and culturally significant.”

From here we headed to Summerside, PEI where we stopped for breakfast at "Sharky's".  The best lobster roll on the island :).  Summerside has grown since the 1st time we were there.  It has a lovely little boardwalk full of touristy stores and is famous for its live dinner theatre (next time a for sure for us).  

The cheapest oysters the boys could find on the island.  Yes another dozen were picked up for afternoon appetizers.

Next stop Kensington for MJ's jam.  After looking all over the island it ended up just being 15 minutes from the cottage.  LOL.  Home for appetizers and then we were off to Carr's at Stanley Bridge for a final fish dinner and some great entertainment.  

Saturday was packing day and then we headed to Moncton for our flight home.  Being a little bit early we managed to do 9 holes at the Mountain Woods Golf Club.  :)