Wednesday, September 23, 2015

PEI here we come

Gaspe au revoir.  PEI Hello.  As always a warm welcome was waiting us at Walrus by the Sea, home of Andy & MJ.  This was a special visit as our good friends Doug and Lindsey were waiting there for us with a big pot of Doug's famous chili.  And Fiona was over all the way from Scotland, her first time to the Maritmes.

Our drive took us down the coast road of New Brunswick, no stopping until we get to PEI (other than a bathroom break or two).  A quick stop in Kensington at Mary's Bakery for some fresh PEI fries and a coconut cream pie and we were off to the coast.  I am sure MJ had my red wine airing :)

A lovely relaxing 4 days by the sea.  A quick visit to the Lower Bedeque lighthouse, a little shopping and lots of walking.  The water was the best it has ever been - calm and warm and no jelly fish.

Walrus by the Sea is famous for their sunsets.  These were the best ever, nothing better than a storm over the sea to highlight the setting sun.

Imagine all the times we have been in PEI we have never been on a boat, never mind deep sea fishing.  Friday morning up nice and early, like 6:30, I think, I can't remember, it was way too early.  Off we set on our new adventure to Joey's Fishing from North Rustico.

This is what I think is called the chum.  The blood and guts to help get the tuna to find our boat.

 The next step was to catch some live bait, like mackeral to put on our rods so the tuna would bite.  Well you guessed it "no tuna for you".  Not today.  But still a wonderful day.  Jim had made us up some Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, we had a ton of water, can you imagine we didn't bring beer or wine (next time), the weather was calm, hot and beautiful, a great day to be on the water.  TY to Andy and MJ for organizing.

The gannets caught more fish than we did.  One of them actually caught the fish on our hook.  Thankfully our Captain was able to save the bird, but not the fish.

A lovely lunch in North Rustico and then we were back home for our final campfire complete with The Quartermaster's Song, Down by the Bay, the Beatles and a few other favourites.  A great 4 days with great friends.

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