Friday, August 21, 2015

A short drive from Perce to Carleton-sur-Mer

Up early and back to the dining room for a wonderful breakky overlooking the Rock.  A quick walk through town and we were off to Carleton-sur-Mer just a short jaunt down the road.  Only 3 hours in the car today.  We might be able to do it without a stop.  LOL - no chance.

On the drive up to here we only had to share the road with motorcycles (lots and all different kinds), RVs (big, little, slow) and more cars.  Another great thing about this road are all the passing lanes, and the condition of the roads are wonderful considering the winters they must have.  Now the trucks are showing up especially the big logging trucks, they head east full and come back empty.  No idea where they get their logs from when you look up all you see are trees everywhere.

A quick stop outside New Richmond for our picnic lunch, Jim and I are reverting back to our childhood and I'm loving it.  Much nicer sitting on a hill or by the water than in a McDonald's or road side diner.

 We arrive at Carleton-sur-Mer at 1:30 and check into another lovely little motel on the water, this one has a pool too.  Believe it or not I picked this spot because it has a lovely little golf course associated with it with 9 holes in the mountains and 9 holes on the water.  The receptionist asks what time we would like to golf, Jim says "Now".  Like right now, Yes like right now.  NO.  I have my priorities right, 3 is perfect that gives us time to get settled and have our first Captain Morgan's of the day.

 Once again, my camera was ready, set to the "Moose" setting, like seriously can you picture a more perfect picture than a moose drinking from the pond.  So don't hold your breath, not one moose.  I almost got whiplash trying to peer into trees and along rivers as the golf cart whipped around the mountain holes.

Not bad this is the only game of golf I had in 10 days, it wouldn't be a Lynne holiday blog without at least a couple of golf course pictures.

I love these little huts, the first time I saw them was in a coastal golf course in Scotland.  They are great protection if a storm blows in.  They definitely could use them at a few of the northern courses in Ontario.

We stayed at Hostellerie Baie Bleue, it was another lovely little motel with the long balcony.  If I went again I would try and get a room in the Baie Wing.  It is right on the water.  We had a wonderful view of the water but was just across the road.  The food was only so so, we did take the package which gave us a dinner and a breakfast.  Next time I would eat in town, it looked like there were some lovely little restaurants along the main street.

Excited to see the gang in PEI tomorrow.

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