Sunday, March 30, 2014

New York. How much can we see in 7 hours

First thing Rachel and I think about in the morning is food.  We pop into the hotel restaurant.  $30 bucks for the buffet.  Lol don't think so.  We would rather eat 5 or 6 little meals than a big one.

Right outside the hotel is Lindys Diner.  Perfect. We share a meal of 3 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, juice and coffee, oh yeah and toast. All for $22. Perfect.

Off we head to the World Trade Centre. Down onto the yellow line, last stop the WTC.  Word of warning don't just start following the crowd in New York.  There are lots of people and they are all going different places.  We found this out when we almost wandered right back into another subway stop.  LOL  After wandering around for a bit we end up at St. Paul's Chapel.  It is the oldest church in NY.  After the attack it was used as a refuge for the helpers to get food and sleep.  And some very needed solace from the disaster outside.

There was a beautiful choir group singing outside in the graveyard and then they followed us into the chapel.  Their voices were beautiful and made the dedications to 9/11 a little more haunting.  I was in tears at the first dedication.  There were some beautiful works of art and a stand of little hands that people had written messages down on.  After the disaster people had filled the fence with memorials, flowers and stuffed animals.  One section of the fence was set up inside.  There was a section with police and fire badges from people who helped or just came to pay their respects.  A number were from Canada.

This little Chapel showed the spirit and love of the human race.  It was inspiring how in the face of disaster so many people, both professional and ordinary pulled together to help in any way they could.

We then headed over to the memorial.  Construction everywhere, it is going to be amazing when it is all finished.  The actual memorial is two square pools with a waterfall falling down into a big pit which then disappeared into another large square whole in the ground.  I had no idea, I knew about all the names being written on the wall, but had no idea about the waterfalls.  So impressive.  Thankfully I wasn't as emotional here as I was at the little chapel but so glad we went.

Our first rain drops hit just as we were leaving the Memorial.  Guess what there's a Star Bucks, one on every corner in NY.  Pop in for a latte by the time we come out the rain has stopped.  We head down to Battery Park for a quick view of the Statue of Liberty and a couple more pictures of my darling daughter.  :)  Lots of construction going on here as well, it is going to be beautiful when it is finished.  

From here my navigator (Rachel) gets us back up to the yellow line and we head to the Empire State Building on 34th st.  As soon as we leave the subway, there are masses of ticket sellers (they are everywhere it was the same down at the Statue of Liberty).  One pounces on us and tells us it is a 2 hour wait to get up the elevator and he can get us a deal for $50 each, VIP.  WOW, Jim and I have already been up so Rachel decides to wait and have Jay take her up.  What a great idea!!!  Way more romantic than with your mom :)

5th Avenue is right there, so off we walk.  And walk and walk,  Did not go in one store.  Thankfully no time for shopping and we both only brought knapsacks so no room to take anything home.  lol.

Passed the New York Public Library, what a beautiful building.  And up ahead was St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Unfortunately it was covered in scaffolding, both inside and outside.  Still worth the visit.

Next stop food.  After looking at 3 or 4 menus, boy did we pick the right spot.  The new NYY Steak.  We had a Caprese Steak Salad that was too die for.  And maybe a couple glasses of Chianti.  Back to the hotel and off to the airport.  Home Sweet Home.  
Thanks Rachel for the great time.  What fun!!!!

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