Saturday, April 5, 2014

Scottsdale, Arizona - a break from the snow

Golf clubs are packed, sandals are on (yes with socks).  I hate walking through security with bare feet.  We are heading to the airport.  Finally going down to check out our timeshare at the Scottsdale Villa Mirage.  What a great year for a "fun in the sun" holiday in April.  Looking around Aurora not picturing our courses being open before May.  And up north, scary to think when we will get the cottage open.

OK, stop whining, we are heading to the desert.  Leave the house at 6:40, for a 9:10 Air Canada (Air Chance as Jim likes to call it).  Get parked and head into the airport.  Now starts our first major walk of the holiday.

  • Turn right, head to Air Canada check in.
  • Boarding passes were printed at home.  Now you have to print your baggage tags.  You still have to line up to have your bags scanned.  No directions on the tags, so everyone forgot to take off their claim ticket.  Just in case your bags are lost.
  • Next you head over to the US Waiting Lounge at the exact opposite end of the terminal.
  • Sit down for 5 minutes
  • Your flight is called and you head over to US Customs, basically 2/3rds of the way back up to the other end of the terminal.
  • Yes, you still have all your bags with you.  Which means Jim is dragging our golf bags back and forward.  the grumbling is starting.
  • Another new process has been added.  If you are a Canadian Citizen with a Canadian passport then you don't have to fill out the little blue form.  Instead they have these great kiosks that you have to line up for.  It even takes your picture which looks nothing like me, I HOPE.
  • Then you line up again to go through customs.
  • Then you line up again to go through security.
  • Finally you are through.
  • If you are lucky to have got through in time you can line up for a coffee.
  • In our case we arrived at our gate and went directly on the plane.  LOL
  • Whew 3,000 steps and no time to get bored.  
I was very efficient and had packed egg salad sandwiches and bananas.  Headsets were on and we were into movie mood.

The Phoenix Airport is beautiful and the nice thing about all that lining up is that you don't have to do it when you land.  Grab our bags and off we went to our resort.

Jim was shaking by the time we arrived at the resort.  He had to drive by so many golf courses, I am amazed he didn't end up with whiplash.

Our one suitcase unloaded and unpacked.  Lunch at the Pita Jungle.  Happy Hour starts at 3 with $1 tapas, if I had of known how good they were I would have just ordered 5 plates of the falafels.  I also ordered the "Curried Chicken Salad".  Have to try and make this at home.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Off to buy some groceries.  Just the bare essentials, wine, beer, coffee, cheese, eggs, bacon.  The grocery stores are amazing.  Total Wine is as big as costco.

Relax on the balcony and off to dinner at the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant in North Scottsdale.  I had such a wonderful luinch I settled for a vege pesto pizza with spinach on top and Jim had fish and chips.  The chips were covered in garlic butter.  Yum - but too much!!!.  A quiet night after a long day.

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