Saturday, March 29, 2014

New York New York a quick in and out

Go to bed at 11, read, nice and sleepy.  Shut out the light, roll over and ping go my eyes.  Lie there quietly look at the clock 1 am, 1:30.  Get up grab my book and try another bed. Leave Jim to his "gentle" snoring.  Read a little more, try singing songs, finally nod off.

Wake up again, was I actually asleep, I think I was, it must have been a dream.  Head through to the bathroom, it's 4:13.  Jump back in my bed.  Nod off and on and finally fall sound asleep.  And yes you guessed it the alarm went off.  Jim is still sound asleep has no idea I have been back and forward lol, the things I could be doing.  You know like playing party poker!!!!!

Rachel is up and bubbly, already had her porridge and I am barely functioning.  Woohoo we are going to New York.  Wake up!!!!!!  Finish packing and hop in the cab.  

Rachel is Air Canada terminal 1 and I am American Airlines terminal 3.  A pain but as I had a coupon my flight only cost me $50.  Technology is wonderful we sit miles apart texting each other.  Both of us like to read so this is some nice quiet time.  Luckily we land within 10 minutes of each other.

The reason I had the coupon is my last flight with Us Air didn't have a seat as they gave it away.  So after sitting at the gate for 2 hours my name gets called and I am thinking, here we go again. I tentatively go up to the front desk and they ask me if I want to move up to one of the preferred seats, row 6, rather than sitting in the last row by the bathroom.  I have to tell you I actually hesitated.  Being near the bathroom is comforting for me.  There are only 18 rows on the plane, it's not too far too walk.  I bite the bullet, it's only 1.5 hours I can hold, oops I mean handle it.

Bonus, not only do I have a window at row 6, in front of the wings (never happened before it's quiet), no one is sitting beside me.  

It's 1146 and just passing the finger lakes.  They really do look like fingers.

Getting ready for landing

The tallest building there is the new construction at the World Trade Centre Site

We touch down at 1232.  Smooth landing, gentle brake and then slam on the brakes.  My whole body flies (little exaggeration) forward.  I gather from the other passengers it is a very short runway.  This is a very little plane.  Now we are sitting I guess waiting for a parking spot.  

Jim would be going mental by now.  At Toronto he always complains as we seem to be driving aimlessly up and down runways.  At Laguardia we can see the gates but no open spots.  1247 and we are at least moving again.  Finally get parked at 1.  Now off to find Rachel. 

I dash over to the Air Canada gates and surprise surprise, what seemed like a good idea wasn't quite working out.  You aren't allowed down to the gates.  I go back up to the Air Canada check in and they tell me it arrived at gate A7.  I dash back down. Bang on the security door, am ignored, start gesticulating like crazy they finally open the door.  I explain to them that my daughter is at gate 7 waiting for me.  I am presuming that she has already landed and is sitting there waiting for me.  How old is your daughter?  Well around 20, they now look at me like I am nuts.  Can't you just make an announcement for me.  No go back up to Air Canada and ask them.  Up I go, again the lady asks my daughters age and I get the are you mental look.  

To add frustration to the situation there is no free wifi.  What kind of city is this.  I honestly thought the whole of New York would have free wifi.  Nope.  I break down and turn on my roaming.

I am now getting more and more panicky, and voila there is a message from Rachel.  One of her cabin crew had a family emergency so the plane had gone back to the gate and they had to wait for a replacement.

Grrrrr, now I had no idea where she was so back up to Air Canada, this time I don't go to the crabby lady and find a nice male Air Canada rep.  Wow amazingly they had just landed.  And she came out and was waiting at the gate, thankfully she had figured it out and walked up to the security gate.  

You rely on technology so much, next time better planning.  How the heck did our parents manage?

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