Sunday, February 16, 2014

Golf at Puerto Los Cabos

Tee off time is 945. I gather this is not a holiday where I am going to get too sleep in.  First stop at the golf course for me is the bathroom.  Bulls are the men, butterflies are the women.  I like being a butterfly.  

This course is absolutely stunning, designed by Nicklaus and Norman.  ( The first hole had a higher elevation then the hills at horseshoe valley.  Hit the ball 150 yards and watch it roll back 50 yards.  Then you get the hole where you hit the ball 150 yards and it rolls for 300 yards right off the back of the green.  

Absolutely stunning houses, the construction is unbelievable, houses, townhouses, villas, condos and timeshares all up and down the coast.

Looking back on the first hole.  Thank goodness for carts......up one side, down the other

We survived, it was hot but pleasant, so glad I wore golf sandals as I had to keep loosening my straps. Lol

Beware, after the game we were approached by the nicest timeshare recruiter ever and yes we signed up.  $200 each couple for a look at a place called La Residencies.  Tomorrow at 1030 includes breakfast and a taxi ride.  What suckers we are!!!!!

Back to the hotel switch into our bathing suits and have a great yak with some people from Long Island and Long Beach who have been coming here for years.  The Long Beach couple were a little older and this was their 2nd marriage.  She had been the home care nurse who looked after his wife as she battled cancer.  They met a few years later and a wonderful relationship was formed.  

Jim and Doug by now can barely keep their eyes open, but what troopers they are, they dragged :) us into a restaurant called Tequilia in San Jose Los Cabos ( where I had the best shrimp risotto ever.  Jim and Doug both had steak and shared some tequilia straight up, sipped like a scotch.  Needless to say they don't remember a lot of the night.  Lost wallet, lost lighter, luckily they had Lindsey and I to get them home.  Oh my - the saints we are :)

My favourite part of the restaurants is that you enter the building and then you are seated in the open air courtyard, the flowers, trees, little lights, full moon made eating a magical/romantic experience.  

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