Monday, April 7, 2014

Lookout Mountain Course

Today was a golf day, we played Lookout Mountain, so different from the TPC.  There were times when we were worried if our cart would stop as we went up and down the mountain.

The TPC was very groomed and wide open.  Lookout Mountain was very natural and rugged, with lots of shrubs and much narrower fairways.  Ask Jim!!

Some amazingly beautiful houses surrounded the course.  lol  Jim only hit one.

We played with a lovely couple from Minnesnowta.  They have already played 70 games this year.  They came down before Christmas for a couple of weeks and then moved down January 4 and are still here, heading back to Minnesnowta May 1st.  Definitely living the life Jim and I keep talking about.  This has been the first week of truly hot weather, ie 95.  We are just loving it.

Even with their help playing Lookout Mountain was a little difficult if you didn't hit it straight.  

Another tip they gave us, for next year :), is to buy a Troon North Pass.  Troon, one of my favourite places in Scotland.  I gather someone else loves it there as there are a number of Troon courses here and if you buy a pass you can play 2 for 1.  Need to remember this for sure, as golf can easily run as high as $200 a round.  Luckily for us our timeshare gave us 60% off our games.

After our game, we whipped home and changed and went back out to Lookout Mountain for a pre dinner drink.  Jim and I were here in 2005 on a business trip and went to a restaurant called "A Different Pointe of View" which is on the top of Lookout Mountain, it's a Hilton property.  I have been in love with this spot ever since.  They have a huge balcony overlooking Phoenix with large gas fireplaces.  The place is just magical.  I was a little worried that it might have lost a little bit of its shine.  It didn't, just as magical today as it was 9 years. ago.  Maureen, Bert and Eileen met us for a drink and then we went off for dinner together.

Sun setting

After our drink we head over to Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant where I tried alligator for the first and last time.  It was absolutely too die for.  Tasted like chicken in a wonderful batter. but can't really picturing me ordering it again.  Oysters and calamari also came as appetizers.  Calamari was deep fried and again loved the batter and the dip.  LOL.  Thankfully the calamari was mild and the batter was delish.  Did not try the oysters much to everyone else's delight.  I had a wonderful blackened tilapia for dinner, lots of food and a very busy large restaurant.  

Thanks to Bert and Eileen for recommending it and joining us for dinner.  

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