Sunday, April 6, 2014

TPC Scottsdale - a little golf day

Having a beautiful relaxing day today.  A little shopping.  A little relaxing by the pool, a little reading.

A little prosecco and now a little blogging.

Yesterday was our first of three planned games of golf.  The TPC course is literally 10 minutes away.  There are 2 courses and we played the "Champions" course.  The "Stadium" course is where the big PGA tournament is held in late January and early February.

OK wake up girlfriends I know I am talking more about my golf then my shopping.  Trust me Jim went shopping with me, he tries but it is pretty boring :).

Back to golf, the neat thing about the TPC Arizona tournament is that the 16th hole is known as the "loudest hole" in golf.  They put stands all around it and fill it up with drunken Arizona State students and they are allowed to make as much noise as they want.  It is actually quite fun to watch for such a fuddy duddy sport like golf.

It is classified as a desert course.  lol  probably because it is located smack in the middle of the desert in Scottsdale.

No snakes, no tarantulas, just bunnies everywhere.  Wily E Coyote would be as fat as could be if he hung around this golf course!!!!!!!

The 18th hole.  The only water on the course on the 1st and 18th hole

We had a good round going, but then the pace got a little slow.  Picture Jim on the DVP, late for a leaf game.  The next thing I know we were driving around the course at the speed of light, up and down culverts, around cacti looking for an empty hole.  LOL, honestly he has the patience of ...., lol it takes him a while to chill.  We managed to get 15 holes in and played the beautiful 18th hole before we left.

After our round, a quick shower and we head over to Maureen's friends place in Old Scottsdale.  They own an absolutely beautiful 2 bedroom condo with a 360 sq foot wrap around balcony right in the heart of the Old Town.  Walking distance to everything.  We head to the "Italian Grotto" for dinner and then off to Bert's favourite pub the "Rusty Spur".  It was hopping.  There has been a motorcycle rally in town for the weekend, 1000's of Harley's everywhere and along with the bikes are the characters with them.  Very entertaining.  Jim finally started relaxing.

Beautiful horse statues all through the city.  

A wonderful dinner and so entertaining

The Rusty Spur, absolutely hopping.  Walked in the door and the band was playing "Mustang Sally".  Knew we were going to know every song they played.  We did, the best one was "Brown Eyed Girl".

I finally got brave enough to go to the bathroom.  The door to the ladies bathroom had a picture of a cowgirl on it with her arm raised knocking on the door.  A very good dead bolt lock on it.  As I was desperately waiting for the girl to come out, a man came out of the men's bathroom.  I thought, what the heck, why not use the men's.  Then I noticed the door, a little handle like on your kitchen cupboard.  A picture of a cowboy and on his belt it said "Come on In".  Yep no locks.  And no I was not using it.  LOL.  

When we left the pub, there were golf carts waiting to take people home.  We hopped into a 6 seater and off we went.  I gather "Old Towne" is for old people.  ie US.  Bert had the driver take us for a ride of the club district, which was just getting going at 12 o'clock.  Tons of clubs and tons of kids wandering around, loud music and way too wild for us.  :)

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