Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Boulders in Carefree

The Boulders Golf Course in Carefree is aptly named.  Just telling you right now it is in my top 10 list of golf courses in the world.  LOL don't I sound like a golfer.  I have been very lucky to have played a number of different courses so that I actually have a top 10.  The Boulders might even be in my top 5.

Ladies - they have a world class spa here as well.  I would love to try out especially after our game of golf.  

Carefree is a beautiful little town just 20 minutes north of where we are staying.  We discovered it 10 years ago on our 1st trip to Phoenix.  If you love art especially Indian art, they have a phenomenal art community and lots of local festivals.  Definitely worth a visit, bring you visa :)

Today was definitely "High Noon" golf, our tee off was at 11:20 and the temperature was already at 95.  Thankfully it was a little overcast to start and there was a lovely breeze.

The boulders were amazing.  Where did they come from, they definitely looked like they were put there by a Navajo God.  It is amazing the different mounds.  You have the "slag heaps" (that's what I call them) around Phoenix, the "red rock mounds" and now "the boulders".  The boulders are so entertaining. 

It wasn't until I saw a few of the houses that I said to Jim, that I honestly felt like I was in Fred Flintstone land.  The houses were the same colour as the sand, which is true all through Phoenix.  They do a wonderful job of remembering their heritage.  Nothing was over 2 stories high, and seemed to blend right into the hills and foliage.  Even Fred's car was like a golf cart without the motor.  LOL.  

I am very spoiled when it comes to golf, most of the time it is just Jim and I playing and it's quiet.  Today we were paired with 2 very nice young men from Arizona.  Ben and Chan Kim.  The 1st 2 holes it was just the 3 of us.  Then Ben mentioned that his friend was going to join us, who is a Tour Pro.  Well between the scenery and trying to take pictures without delaying the game and golfing with a possible PRO, I was a mess, honestly I was literally shaking.  Lost 2 balls on the first tee shot.  Didn't lose a ball in my first 2 games.  My head was like a yo-yo.

I don't know if we could have golfed with 2 nicer young men.  I settled down by the 5th hole, but still shot a 100.  

The tee box

 lol, no Jim wasn't trying to find his ball.  This is the tee box on the 7th hole.

Jim had been hitting his balls a little right and a little left.  So we were spending a fair bit of time on the fringes of the course.  For someone who is terrified of snakes, he didn't seem to like hitting the middle of the fairway.  So on the 12th or 13th hole we were sitting in our cart and he was trying to figure out where his ball had gone.  He spotted this little critter and started yakking, "look that thing took the ball".  So we are waiting for the 2 young men to play and Jim is keeping his eagle eye on this critter.  Next thing we are racing up the fringe of the fairway chasing this critter who is stealing his ball.  I start killing myself laughing and tell him it's a "cottontail bunny".  Nope it's got his ball, as we get closer he finally admits defeat, he had been chasing a little powder puff bunny.  LOL.  They are so adorable and everywhere on the course.  

Finally the 18th hole.  I don't know if I had ever been so hot and so happy to see a clubhouse.  LOL  Bring me a Sangria to celebrate a great game, ok a great day of golf.  

In our quick trip to Scottsdale, we played 3 games of golf and all 3 courses were so different and so unique.  Can't wait to come back.

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