Thursday, August 21, 2014

Golf Day at Cabot Links Nova Scotia - Just can't wait

View of the 1st hole on Cabot Links, the island so reminded me of the Isle of Arran off the coast of Troon 
Torrential Rain greeted us on Friday in Nova Scotia.  Saturday for our drive around the Cabot Trail couldn't have been nicer.  Golf Day - what will it bring?  As we open the curtains it is feeling a little like Scotland again, blustery, grey.  OK definitely put my jacket on, but feeling optimistic, a golf skirt is going on.  

After a ton of yes/no's the day before I agreed to book a caddie.  This is really nerve wracking, people make me nervous especially golfers.  And now I definitely can't take my camera.  How to sneak in some shots with my phone.  How to remember all the rules, lol, I'm sure the caddie will help with that.  At least I don't have to worry about where to put my bag as the caddie will have it.  

Down to the pro shop we go, book in and grab our bags.  Our caddies are waiting for us at the 1st tee.  OH NO, so is another golfer and his caddie.  Down the walkway comes Joe Robinson, Golf Pro with another gentleman.  How to cope there are going to be 7 of us walking each hole.  Jim and Archie, Kirk and Gary, Michael (no caddie) and myself with Angus.

The day before I was laughing with Jim at how busy the course looked.  There seemed to be people scurrying everywhere.  Long rows of 8 hobbit looking people going over the dunes and into the bunkers.  Yep 4 golfers and 4 caddies usually marching along in a line.  The ladies always seemed to be running.  LOL  How funny. It didn't take me long to realize why.  After the guys all hit, Angus (with my bag) over his shoulder takes off.  No fooling around, off to the ladies tees we go.  Angus was at least 6', is a retired Canada Post mailman, and could probably compete in the race walking event at the Olympics.  I started to try and get in front to slow him down, I didn't succeed very often :)

This is the first hole from the Saturday game.  

Jim in a wee bit of trouble on the 2nd hole
About halfway through the front 9, the jackets were coming off and the sun was shining.  

This is Maboo Harbour, the 11th fairway travels down the harbour with the hole being nestled in front of the boats.  The designer of the course did a lovely job of putting bunkers on the low side of the fairways so that instead of ending up in the bunker you just had a wee trap to get out of.  

The 7th or 8th hole

The 14th or 15th hole

Jim and Archie

Archie, Jim, Me and Angus
What a spectacular golf course.  You can see the water from every hole.  I can't say enough about how wonderful the caddies were.  My nerves evaporated after the 1st hole, ok maybe 2nd.  Their tips about the course, what club to use were amazing.  Poor Angus had quite the challenge with me.  Once he realized that just because I hit the 9 iron 60 yards on the first shot, didn't mean it went 60 yards, the next time it might go a 100 yards.  LOL  He gave me a great tip about my wiggly wrists.  "Keep your wrists straight, the head of the club goes back first."  Stop wiggling them!!!!!  And it worked, now I just have to remember.  He soon realized after the first few putts, that telling me where to putt wasn't going to work.  He started standing beside me, saying "a little more to the left Lynne, the other left Lynne, ok that's good, don't move".  Jim was thoroughly enjoying himself, if he had given me any of that advice I probably would have hit him with my putter, whereas Angus could do no wrong.  I may put a "caddie" on my Christmas List.  

We discovered Downtown Coffee as we were leaving Inverness.  Great sandwiches and wonderful coffee, 2 to go as we started our trip to PEI.  If I do the Cabot Trail again, I will be popping in here to get sandwiches to go, think of all the great little places you could stop for a picnic.  

As we were leaving Nova Scotia, one last picture of the wonderful signs that are in English and Gaelic.  Another reminder of my favourite books "The Outlander Series".  

Weather is great, looks like we are going to have a great drive to Caribou, NS for our ferry crossing to Woods Island, PEI.

When we arrived at 3:30 for the 4:30 ferry, we were the 3rd in line.  Couldn't resist taking a picture of "Pink Lloyd".  There is a propeller at the front of the cabin near the beer cask, we passed him on the highway and it was spinning like crazy.  

So cute, when you get on the boat the Nova Scotia flag greets you in Caribo NS and when you leave the boat at the other end, the PEI flag is flying.


Just as we are leaving the sky starts to get darker and darker.  Will we beat it??

The ferry returning to Nova Scotia

The Woods Island, PEI lighthouse
The rain held off until we were back in our car.  30 minutes of torrential rain and then clear sailing over to the William's little piece of paradise.  "Walrus by the Sea" - Seaview PEI.

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