Friday, August 22, 2014

"Walrus by the Sea" - paradise on PEI

The long and slippy path to paradise.  I know there is a nice glass of red wine waiting for me in a kilometer.  

A beautiful hostess :)

The first few days have been windy and blustery.  The waves have been huge and noisy.  Wonderful walking weather.  We lucked out with the rain showers, our timing for our walks on the first day always seemed to just miss them.  

The entrance to the beach, the set of stairs are hold on for dear life and don't look down.  By the 3rd day we were doing them without a care in the world :))))

The boys favourite appetizers.  The boys insisted on oysters every night.  

The rain coming through the sunset

Every morning started with a 4000 step walk along Seaview Beach.  The wind was made for some great kite flying .

Andy and MJ said they have never seen waves like this and for so long.  You could barely hear each other.  It was great.  Watch out for those rogue waves, MJ and I were standing taking pictures on the sand and next thing we knew the water was above our knees.  Lots of squealing and dashing going on after that.

Quick visit down to Stanley Bridge, lovely craft stores and wonderful seafood.  LOL.  Honestly fresh oysters - large size from 1.25 to 1.55 depending on where you go on the island.  

The boys went off golfing, a little rain, like torrential and they came home sopping like an overcooked lobster.  After a rum and coffeee and a shower we decided to go into Charlottetown for the day.  PEI organized the Charlottetown conference they decided not to join confederation but did a few years later.  So this is the 150th anniversary of PEI joining Canada.  Lots of celebrations going on.  

An absolutely beautiful little town, just love it.  

Wake up to another beautiful morning, with a little sunshine added in this time.  The boys have decided to go golfing ----- againnnnnn.  LOL  MJ and I are off beaching.  First stop down the stairs and a walk along our Seaview Beach.  We met 2 charming men on our walk, the sunshine was bringing people out and about.  

Back to the cottage for showers and off we went to the French River.  An absolutely beautiful little PEI fishing village and beach.  Lots of walking, we have averaged 8 to 12,000 steps every day.  Perfect.

These 2 pictures are a view of Cavendish beach from the French River beach

The 2 charming men we met on Seaview we ran into on the French River Beach.  How funny.  They have been touring Canada for the last 1.5 years with a Rideau Hall museum for the Governor General of Canada.  They have stopped here to celebrate in Charlottetown's 150 anniversary and had the day off, so were trying to see as much of the province as they could.

This is the actual village on the French River.  It must be one of the most photographed little picturesque fishing villages in PEI or the world.

Next stop was another part of Seaview Estates on Pickering Lane.  A lovely little cottage village and more beautiful beaches.

Back to the cottage for another lovely sunset.  

Thanks MJ for a great couple of days.  Looking forward to some more exploring of the beautiful island of PEI.  

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