Monday, August 18, 2014

Cape Breton - a wee bit of Scotland

What to pack, check the weather 5 times a day.  Seriously Lynne, it's the coast, it's like Scotland, pack everything.  Hot, cold, wet, dry, wet.  Luckily for us, MJ and Andy are driving, so on Tuesday night Jim and I pop over with a huge honking suitcase of clothes, just in case it rains, just in case it's hot.  Next in is a case of wine, peanut butter, and the ingredients for making a lobster paella (sans the lobster).  Thankfully Andy wasn't there when we dropped the stuff off and MJ just kept going, "no problem", it will all fit.  Being the practical people we are we suggested that if they had to leave something make it the suitcase.  The wine had to go!!!!!!

My Scottish nature came out when I booked the plane tickets.  I decided to cheap out and not book seats in advance.  My rationale being it is only a 2 hour flight and I have a good book.  Needless to say we didn't get seats together, but we were close.  CYA in Halifax.  I open my book, I have just enough pages left in the new Diana Gabaldon book, Written in my own Heart's Blood (the 8th book in the series).  In case you don't know it is a series that starts in Scotland, a historical romance, full of love and fighting and love and fighting.  Sounds like a good Scots household on a Friday night :))))).

Thankfully I have the window seat.  I finish the book just as we approach Nova Scotia, I turn my head to the window as the tears are flowing down my cheeks.  Thank goodness I wasn't actually sobbing, and managed to find a napkin before I had to wipe my nose on my sleeve.

Torrential Rain is falling, windy, wipers are on and we are off to Inverness.  The car was actually hydroplaning, thankfully it doesn't take long to leave Halifax behind and hit the main 2-lane highway.  Our first stop is a pub in New Glasgow called "The Dock".

After a quick pint of the local brew and a wonderful plate of fresh piping hot french fries (we are on holidays - right !!) we were back on our way.  The rain was just a little misty now and traffic was thinning out.  Next stop the "Canso Causeway" which connects Nova Scotia to Cape Breton.  

We are staying in Inverness, a beautiful little coastal harbour on the north shore of Cape Breton.  Travel time from Halifax was 4 hours with a couple of stops (but only 1 pint).  Interesting thing about Cape Breton, everything is built on the water, there aren't any inland towns to speak off.  Our resort is called Cabot Links.  A small 2 story 2 year old resort right on the coast with a links golf course right in front of it.  Big king size bed and a view of the ocean and golf course from every room.  We were overlooking the 5th and 6th hole.  The golf course is considered #2 in Canada and #42 in the world.  

The view from our room.  Needless to say you didn't walk around naked. :)

Absolutely loved the resort, but 2 things I wished for, a bathtub.  I love my bath.  And one of the front windows was actually a door.  So cool, let's have our morning cup of coffee out there, or even better a little glass of wine.  Nope not happening, the door opened on a hinge like a window, no getting out.  Not sure why not, unless they were worried some of the guys from Ontario might hook the ball right onto porch area.  Some of the rooms had balconies.  Definitely book one of them if you go.   

The water was beautiful, actually warmer than Muskoka.  It is reputed to be one of the warmer coasts in the region, something to do with the current.  

The resort has 3 restaurants right on site, which was so nice, you didn't have to worry about getting back in the car.  We ended up at the "Public House" on Friday night.  We shared a great lobster pizza, should have shared the wine as well :))).  

There is music there every Friday and Saturday, this night the entertainer didn't show up, luckily Andre Pettipas was in the restaurant having dinner and he decided to do an impromptu show for us.  He was outstanding.  So personable, he had other singers from the crowd up.  If you ever get a chance to hear him GO.  A great selection of songs and his guitar play was amazing.  Jim and I were smart enough to leave after the 2nd set, although we should have left after the 1st.  

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