Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Perce Rock Quebec

Odometer reading 82370 up and down hills and hugging the coast - an absolutely stunning drive without being terrifying.

Imagine driving into work everyday with this view in front of you.  Perce Rock in the town of Perce on the Gaspe Peninsula.  There is a great read about the history of the rock with ghosts, phantoms and ship wrecks on wiki.  Thankfully when we were there it was a lovely peaceful day.  The only spirit being raised was Captain Morgan :)

As a warning as you scroll through my pictures, I think I took 100 pictures of the rock, no they aren't all here, but there are ones from the shore, from a boat, with a boat in front, looking through the arch, with a bird on top, with me in front.  LOL.  Enjoy.

This is Bonaventure Island - a national park which includes Perce Rock.  293 different species of birds have lived on the island along with 50,000 pairs of northern gannets.  I don't think I took a picture of everyone but it looks like it.  There used to be over 120,000 pairs on the island.

We stayed at the Riotel Perce Bonaventure, the picture above is the view from our motel room.  Once again there is a beautiful dining room overlooking the rock.  The rock was glowing as the sunset.  And the food was fantastic with a wonderful wine list.  Definitely on my list to go back to.

The town was full of tourists, artists, and there was line dancing in the town square.

This picture was taken from our boat trip of the road coming into the town.  We did the 1.5 hour tour boat ride, it was a lovely calm day and definitely worthwhile.  The boat went around Perce Rock so you were able to look through the arch from both sides and then around Bonaventure Island.  The Captain was very informative about the history of this beautiful Canadian National Park.  

 Between the birds and the seals you wonder how many fish there are in the St Lawrence to keep them all fed.


We had another 5 star dinner at the hotel overlooking Perce Rock (I left my camera in my room :).  Another beautiful day, we really couldn't ask for better driving weather.  Lots of sun, big blue skies with amazing scenery everywhere you look.


  1. and blue skies! I'm jealous. Safe travels you guys! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for reading. It would be a great drive on your motorcycle, they say the fall is unbelievable with all the colours. Looks like you are having a great summer. enjoy