Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aurora to Matane, Quebec

 It's handy having good friends with a cottage on PEI (thanks MJ and Andy).  Last year on the way we popped into Nova Scotia and this year we are off to the Gaspe Peninsula.  Pronounced Gasbay, not Gasp.  The oddometer reading is 80810.  Picked Jim up at the Go Train and we were on the road shortly after 3.  Headed out the top of Toronto to miss the traffic but caught up with it at Brock Road in Whitby.  After that clear sailing. We were a little worried about Montreal but there is an amazing bypass/toll road (cost a whole $2.40 to use), well worth the money.  No traffic at all and we pulled into St. Hyacinthe around 8:30.  Great little Holiday Inn Express.  And bonus we met up with Andy and MJ for dinner at Scores which was right next door.  I really love Holiday Inn Expresses.  Great little breakky in the morning to start the day and we are off on our new adventure.

Not a half an hour outside of St. Hyacinthe the "moose" signs started appearing.  Moose signs everywhere, did I see a moose, nope, only on all the warning signs, which are all totally in French. Sorry pet peeve of mine.  Signs especially danger signs should be in both official languages.  OK rant is finished.  One thing Quebec has done right are their rest stops, they are like every 5 to 10 miles and very clean and right off the road.  There were also lots of sightseeing stops.  I did manage to get Jim to stop at a couple of them.

First stop was Riviere du Loup, where we had a lovely picnic lunch down by the harbour.  A walk along the pier and we were off again, after a quick change.  The wind blew in and the shorts were packed away.  

That big red building is a Santa's Village.  

All along the highway were beautiful large produce and animal farms and on the hills were windmill farms.  

 Next big town was Rimourski and then we arrived at Matane.  All 3 of these towns have ferries going to the north side of the St. Lawrence.  That might have to be our next trip.

Matane is a lovely little village on the St. Lawrence River.  It has turned out to be quite rough and windy today but a great beach for collecting rocks and especially driftwood.  We stayed at the Hotel MotelBelle Plage.  The hotel is a typical seaside hotel.  Lovely comfy king size bed with a couch and a long veranda servicing about 10 rooms looking over the St. Lawrence and the pier.  What an amazing bonus to find they had a 5 star restaurant right on sight.  Open a beer on the porch and then we just walked to dinner.  Fresh crab and shrimp and an amazing beef tenderloin with a sauce only the French can make. Be sure to ask for the package as it includes room, dinner and buffet breakfast.  

The next morning a quick breakky at the hotel restaurant and we are off on the coastal road around the Gaspe.


  1. Looks beautiful, but a touch chilly I think. Safe travels!

  2. lol It was the first day, but warmed up after that. There were more motorcycles and RVs on the drive then there were cars.

  3. lol It was the first day, but warmed up after that. There were more motorcycles and RVs on the drive then there were cars.