Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Alma and Cape Enrage

Nothing better than a cold local beer after all the walking we did today and what better place to stop than Tipsy Tails right on the harbour.  The sun was beating down and the beer went down very easy.  Alma is a lovely little town with lots of cafes, artisan shops and places to stay right on the Bay of Fundy.

After our beer we headed over to Cape Enrage to see if we could have dinner overlooking the lighthouse.  It is a 20 minute drive up and down hills, over marshes, around tight corners, to think you have to pay for this kind of thrill at wonderland.  This is a fully working lighthouse with a gigantic fog horn on the top.  You definitely want to keep your eye on the water, if the fog is appearing make sure to skedaddle out of there or you may never hear again.  There was mist starting to form along the shores but not enough to set off the horn thankfully.

On top of the beautiful drive and view we were also excited about being able to get a reservation at this 5 star restaurant.  There are fish and chip and lobster dinners everywhere but a truly wonderful 5 star restaurant is hard to find.  Thanks to Chef Jeff, dinner was amazing.  Jim had the chowder and a Vegetable Wellington and I had a blackened salmon with a fiddlehead risotto.  My mouth is still watering.  There are also a number of restaurants that are "farm to table", so lots of fresh produce, meat and fish.

As we are leaving the mist starts rolling in, will the horn go off, no it doesn't, we see some deers on our way back to Wendy's.  What a lovely little holiday with a great ending.  If you are ever in the area I highly recommend Wendy's B&B.

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