Monday, August 15, 2016

North Cape Coastal Drive PEI

Good friends with a cottage in PEI is a blessing.  Doubly blessed that our husbands like to golf and MJ and I like to tour.  Off they go and off we go - usually in a different direction.  

Last year East Point this year the North Cape.  Both of these areas are famous for their currents.  It is where the Northumberland Strait meets the Gulf of St Lawrence and on a blustery day you can see some amazing currents and waves crashing into each other.  Today was a blustery day, it rained all the way to Tignish but luckily stopped for our walk around the cape.  


This is Acadian country and not quite as built up as the East Point.  Our first greets were these beautiful young horses, doing a fair bit of frolicking in the fields, but they love people and were happy to come over to say Hello!!

A little more welcoming than we expected but what can I say, I couldn't resist.  :)

The owners of these beautiful horses lived in this house.  Absolutely beautiful and what a view.  Can't imagine some of the storms they must get.  

The North Cape has a fully functioning light house and a windmill farm.  There is a lovely gift shop, restaurant with amazing smells (MJ and I brought a picnic) and an interpretive centre to learn about the coast, tides and wind.  

There are 100's of these inukshuks on this outcropping, all made by visitors to the centre.

The coast is slowly being eroded by the waves and wind.  I can picture a few new elephant rocks forming over the next years, as the red sand erodes.

 Their famous elephant rock collapsed in 2006, below is all that is left of it.

Just down the road is Judes Pointe a busy harbour town and the best and most sea glass we have every found.


A beautiful day and to top it off MJ and I were able to add to our sea glass collections.  Time to head home, the men promised us a spaghetti dinner and after walking 8000 steps we are really looking forward to, along with a wee glass of red wine.  Thanks MJ for a great day with lots of laughs.  :)

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