Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hopewell Rocks, Explore New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, I have been hankering to see them since a trip to PEI in 1995. My dad had been telling me about the amazing tides and I thought we could just pop in on the way home.  Well with 3 kids and a husband ready to get going it didn’t happen, we did see a covered bridge in the Fundy National Park.  11 years later I am back.  No kids.  Jim is enjoying himself, but I am seeing that glow in his eyes every time we drive by a golf course.  Suck it up buttercup, we will be golfing in PEI. 

6 hours to Ste Hyacinthe, stayed at the Holiday Inn Express again, a great little clean hotel for $100 including breakfast.  I love HIE’s.  Pack up a scrambled egg and a coffee and off we go.  10 hours later we land in Hopewell Cape.  We are staying at the Artisan’s Cottage.  A lovely little 2 suite bed and breakfast overlooking the Bay of Fundy, facing the sunrise.  Perfect, we won’t be sleeping in too late.  J

Wendy is a potter and has a lovely little art shop and apartment above the suites.  From potters to jewelers to painters, there is some amazing artwork in her store. 

Our neighbours are from Minnesota and we sit down to have a wee rum and wine and a good yak with them.  After 16 hours in the car Jim and I enjoyed a break with another couple.  They were very interesting, MaryAnn was brought up in a foster home and their 4 children had all been adopted at different times of their lives.  She mentioned that none of them were fussy eaters, when you start off life hungry, anything that is put in front of you, you eat. 

It would have been so easy to sit there and have another glass of wine and have some cheese and potato chips for dinner, but after 10 hours in the car I dragged Jim off to the Hopewell Rocks.  Oh man he was so whinny, we need to eat, no we need to walk.  I’m hungry.  If you were at Kings Riding right now would you leave the course to go eat, NO.  For a change I stuck to my guns and dragged him over to Hopewell Rocks.  It was amazing and my body was so thankful for going.  I had been feeling like the tinman with everything in my body needing oil.  The walk definitely helped.  And now I was hungry.  Oops, the closest restaurant closed at 8.  Thankfully there was another one just 5 clicks up the road.  My life was secured for another day.  J

One of the reasons I was so excited about going to the rocks, is a newspaper article back in May about how the Elephant Rock had collapsed and 2 tons of rock had landed on the ocean floor.  The tides and storms had eroded the nose and kaboom it collapsed.  Being a bit of a disaster/weather maniac, I was sure they were all going to kaboom before I got to see them.  Between climate change, the liberals, Donald Trump and turning 60, I am sure the world is coming to an end, so ticking things off my bucket list is very important.  lol not sure why but if it means more travelling I am going with it.

In 6 hours everything you see here will be between 20 and 40 feet underwater depending on the strength of the tide, which is affected by the moon.  Bay of Fundy I have a really hard time typing Fundy, I think they should rename it to FunDay. :)  At low tide, the floor is covered with people.  At high tide the rocks are surrounded by kayakers, rowing amongst and above most of these rocks.

The view from our room.  Wendy has done an amazing job of making us feel at home.  A 5 star recommendation from us.

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