Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PEI - a place to re energize yourself

PEI - their motto should be "As Far As the Eye Can See".  Look to the left and there are fields of hay or potatoes as far as the eye can see, look forward and there is the ocean as far as the eye can see, look to the right and there are the famous red cliffs as far as the eye can see.  Large vistas are everywhere, unless you are on the shore you feel at times like you can see from one side of the island to the other.

Today we set off for a new beach, I can't believe there is a beach I haven't been on, but I gather there are enough I'll have to come back next year too.  Big blue sky, gentle ocean and we are on our way to Covehead Harbour and Brackley/Dalvay Beach National Park.  So much quieter than Cavendish and the water was amazing.  Lots of Dunes and a lovely lighthouse, what more could we ask for.  Out came the cameras, off came the shoes and we were ready for some walking and picture taking and maybe a little splashing in the water.  This might be the best year yet for warm and clear ocean water.  It was almost impossible to keep your feet on the sand.  :)

The Covehead Lighthouse has a tribute to the many lives that were lost during the Gale of 1851.  The gale hit up and down the eastern coast of Canada and the US.  As I was reading it out loud to MJ, I could picture Gordon Lightfoot doing a song about it.

The Gale of 1851
"The forenoon had been particularly balmy. Schooners had sailed into the shallow waters in search of Mackerel and Cod, but darkness found the vessels trapped in the stillness close to land. There was no breeze to carry them offshore. That evening a strong wind blew from the northeast. By midnight it had raged into a powerful gale.
For several days the wind and waves gathered strength. On the morning of the fourth day, the sea subsided. Battered ships were strewn along the north shore. Bodies of sailors and fishermen were entangled amongst the wreckage.
Many men were buried here in Prince Edward Island. Their graves are a silent reminder of the changing moods of the sea."

It always amazes me how with this large beach, people park their cars in the parking lot, walk through the pathway and plop down their stuff, all you have to do is turn a corner and there's no one.

As you can see I loved this lighthouse, it helped having the big blue sky and white dunes surrounding it.

MJ and I tend to get turned around at least once a little trip, the nice thing is you are never lost and your turnaround is never for long.  And sometimes you come across some cute/novel picture moments.

Driving up to the golfer, we thought we must be near a course and this was a crossing from one hole to the other, Nope, just a mailbox.  :)

This corner had a group of sunflowers, dancing in the breeze for us.

This is the view from Walrus by the Sea, the Williams beautiful home away from home, where we have been lucky enough to spend the last couple of years relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of Ontario.  It is such a different life.

Thanks Andy and MJ for another great vacation.  Feeling very relaxed and sad to be going home.  Pretty sure after romping in the waves today I will be bringing some red sand back with me.

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