Thursday, August 11, 2016

Parrsboro to Truro, a lovely day trip

 Heading off to Nova Scotia this morning, first stop for a marvelous breakfast and a special latte. in Hillsborough.  A quick stop at the visitors centre to see where we should start our cruise around the Fundy side of Nova Scotia.  Starting in Parrsboro on the Glooscap Trail (Mi'kmaq legends tell of the mighty Glooscap who created Five Islands and controlled the great tides with his magic) we accidentally discovered "the Force".  On our way to Partridge Island we missed the turn and ended up 7 km down a dirt road at a facility that is harnessing the tides for power.  The wind is howling, can't imagine a better day to end up watching the currents in the Minas Basin.  The tides can go up by 70 feet here, you can actually see the water swirling.

 On our way back we stopped at Partridge Island, tide was out so other than the rocks (again no sand), it was an easy walk to the island.  Amazing how much drift wood there is.

 Back up to Parrsboro to check out the lighthouse and have a fantastic lobster roll and corn chowder.  No fries allowed today.

 Another beautiful lighthouse at Parrsboro.

Next stop was at 5 islands, there is a rock out there they call "2 hour rock" as it only appears every 2 hours depending on the tide.  

 The Colchester Lighthouse has been moved a number of times because of erosion of the point from the Tides.  During low tide you can walk out to the islands, but watch out for that tide coming back in.

 I was working on my TrumpDo.  :).  Crazy winds, a couple times I had to use Jim as a wind break to take a picture.
 After 2 u-turns we found our cheese factory.  

 Jim was thinking of applying for a job as the head cheesemonger :)

 After a quick discussion, we decide to abandon staying in Truro and head over to PEI.  Thankfully the Williams have a vacancy.  A dash out to catch the ferry and we are on our way to PEI.

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