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Arran - April 19, 2012


I love Scottish breakfasts. Once again we almost missed it, I popped out of bed to check the time thinking It was around 7 and oops it was 9:10. Quickly wake up Deni who would probably have missed lunch as well. She was sound. Lol. Oh to sleep like that. A lot like sleeping with Jim only Deni smells better. (Jk)

Next stop was boots for some super strong blister fixer uppers and then on to the train to Killwinnig. A quick switch of trains and we were on our way to Ardrossan where we catch the ferry ride to Arran. The sun is out and shining on Arran. It is about an hour boat ride with lovely calm seas.

Must be lunch time. There is a beautiful little restaurant called Arran on a Plate with the only master chef in Britain. Deni had a mussel soup and hot and cold smoked salmon salad while I had a haggis and apple salad on abed of warmed arugula and an Arran beer. Absolutely divine.

Deni's feet were pretty bad so she opted to shop and sit by the sea whilst I went for a long walk along the beach. It was a windy walk as there was also a windy tidal river with all these little bridges that cut through the Brodrick golf course before taking you back to the forth

On the way back I discovered the Arran chocolate shop. Yum.

As we were leaving we found a couple of seats at the back of the boat. This huge cloud came in from the north and slowly started to cover the north end of the island whilst at the same time the sun popped out and covered us in sunshine. We were so warm we had to take off our coats. Then to make it even more beautiful the sun rays shone through the stormy north coast and was just magical looking

A wonderful day

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