Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scotland - Edinburgh - Our Last Day - April 2012

John and Pauline picked us up for a coffee and a lovely visit.  Pauline hasn't changed at all. It worked out great as the coffee shop was right near the castle so we headed over.  A stop at St John's Cathedral, the art museum, a listen to the Clandonia - pipes and drums and then a walk through Princes gardens.  It was such a beautiful day that we just grabbed some fries and a sandwich and sat on the garden wall along with a bunch of scots and tourists lapping up the sun. Next stop was a walk up to the castle, a stop in a few shops and then back to the hotel for a rest.   Dinner was once again at Whiski, fish and chips, a much earlier night than Saturday as the band wasn't half so good.  We did try and talk ourselves into going up to see Roadhouse again who were just up the road, surprisingly we took e low road back to the hotel. Bags are packed and we are now sitting on a train back to Glasgow.   Ps on Edinburgh. I was totally surprised how many of the shops and our hotel were operated by European immigrants. Every shop other than the high priced kilt stores were all run by east Europeans.

My first glass of prosecco, a new favourite.

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