Friday, October 18, 2013

Penicuik and Edinburgh, lots of travelling - April 20

Walk, taxi, train, walk, another train, a bus ride and we were at our destination, Penicuik, the home of grandma Carlson's family.  We had a lovely visit with Sandy and Irene Purvis.  They are both in their eighties and Irene is living in the house she was born in.  Sandy took us for a walk to see the Kirk where Jim's grandparents were married - St Mungos which was originally built in 1648 and then rebuilt in 1770 (note the English had nothing to do with it being rebuilt). It was rebuilt because the population kept growing and services are still being held there today.

FYI St Mungo is the patron saint of Glasgow.

Another bus ride and we were back at Edinburgh, just as the city was starting to get exciting. There are people everywhere, popping in from one bar to the next. We had a great Italian meal on the corner of North Bridge and the Royal mile and then headed back to a wonderful Holiday Inn Express right in the heart of the royal mile.  An early night to get ready for some major sightseeing tomorrow

Ttfn Lynne 

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