Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scotland - Edinburgh - Our first pub crawl

Our first pub crawl on the Royal Mile started at a place called WHISKI.  It was absolutely jammed and we were told it would be forty minutes.  Siobhan told us to wait by the door as the bar was jammed. There happened to be a table right by the door with one chair and she said Deni could sit there.  The next thing a man popped over with a chair from his table.  And then Siobhan came with menus.  I was worried about the ten people in front of us waiting.  No worries she said. A glass of wine and a big plate of haggis, neeps and mash and the night was shaping up pretty good.  The next thing we knew Siobhan was moving us to a table away from the door as the two man band ROADHOUSE was setting up.   There were eight Norwegian golfers sitting across from us.  They say the scots are dour, we have nothing on the Norwegians.  Around eleven a bunch of female Norwegians came in. All I can say is exact opposite of the men.  Lol.  There wasn't a song the band played that we couldn't sing too and Deni played a pretty mean air piano or drum.  So for the next  3 hours we sang Rod Stewart, Beatles and a ton of CCR.  Our first pub crawl started at Whiski and ended at Whiski....... Lol

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