Thursday, October 17, 2013

Off to see Ina - April 17, 2012

The Day is shaping up to be absolutely beautiful. Sun is shinning, puffy clouds blowing by as there is still quite the gale blowing. We had a small walk along the coast when we first arrived it's as beautiful as I remember. The tide was going out so you could walk out over the reefs and rocks

A wee rest was needed before we headed over to Ina's.  We jumped in a cab and off we went. She was so excited to see me, that yes we both had tears in our eyes. And then off to Scott's for a lovely lunch. Aunt Deni had the Shetland mussels, with Thai coconut curry sauce to see if they were as good as PEIs. And yes they were smashing. She almost needed a bath after digging into them. Lol

Ina was in great form. I think they could write a book about Ina sayings. Her highlight yesterday was when Aunt Deni ordered the mussels. Her face screwed up and she said do you eat oysters too. They look like you are sucking in a big snoter (boger). And then she starts showing how people eat them. We were just rolling on the floor.

When we took her home she was pretty tired and I am sure would have been having a little nap before I was back in the cab.

As were Deni and I. A nice hour to get us prepared for our next meal. A lovely long walk along the coast and over the golf course, back to the room for a wee dram and then down to the bar for dinner. I had a cottage pie which was similar to a meat pie and Deni had a chorizo sausage risotto

Off to bed in the Carnoustie room, a read and a good nights sleep.

An adjective to describe Aunt Deni. Just like grandma. When she sleeps. Boy does she sleep. And she has the cutest little change purse to carry her change in.

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