Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting ready to head to the east coast - April 19/20, 2012

At 8 pm we popped down to the marine bar for our usual sheppards pie (3rd night in a roll) .  Delish.  Before we even ordered our first wine. I hear my name called. Is that Lynne from Canada and standing there looking as good as ever with a wee bit less hair was John Wright.  Just looking at him brought back a lot of memories of my dad, uncle Fred, needless to say his father John and also my brother Jim.  For the next two hours we had a good gab about family with lots of fun stories.  He has three children, John (surprise), Andrew and Linzi.  John is married with 2 children .  His son Andrew is working in Florida training and riding dressage horses.  It was a visit filled with memories of childhood and family. Thanks John and Linzi for popping in and hopefully we'll see Pauline on Saturday in Edinburgh.

Deni ordered us a wake up call for 7:30. She is CRUEL.  The phone rings and up Deni gets. I stayed in bed for another hour as I packed the night before. :)

Down for another great brekkie.  I then went for a quick walk to the beach for a little yak with my mom and dad.  I started off singing "always on my mind" and realized i only knew the chorus.  Last stop in Troon was to get a big hug from Ina.  

Next stop Edinburgh to see Sandy and Irene  and where grandma's family  came from - Penicuik

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