Friday, February 14, 2014

And then there's the dangerous part of Los Cabos

His name is Tequilia Rambo and every restaurant on Mendano Beach seems to employ one, their job is to ply you with Tequilia.........and there seems to be lots of willing victims.

This is Office Rambo and he works at a restaurant called, you got it The Office.  The food is fantastic, but if you go for lunch the meals are easily shareable.  

After lunch we went for a little walk along the beach, hawkers everywhere trying to sell everything from jewellery to wraps to pottery oh and don't forget the cigars.  

This is 2 in the afternoon and the next pictures are a little xrated and we started to feel it was time to head back to sleeply San Jose de Cabo. Lol.  Yes we had to drag the guys out by the ears.  

Four beautiful young ladies, all the Tequilia they could drink and a guy who spent $80 to be their victim ..........  The best part was when they threw buckets of ice on him to cool him off. Lol. Oh to be young. Not sure if the girls would have made dinner or not. Lol.

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