Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting to know our resort and our first visit to Cabo San Lucas

Day 2 started off sunny and warm. :). Up bright and early for Jim and I that means 8.  The day starts with a walk along the beach.  There are black flags everywhere. NO SWIMMING. Dangerous undertow and they have a trough right at the edge of the beach which means the wave crash in there and turn it into a washing machine which can be extremely hard to get out of.

In some spots even walking on it was a little like walking on a ski slope (ok a little exaggeration). The water is so like the Mediterranean, torquoise, blue just beautiful.  Along a little further the flag turns red, still no swimming.  The crazy thing is there are still a few people in here.  I did get brave enough to sit in the waves but that was all for first day lol.

Our resort, Club Regina Raintree is built right on the cliff, it is all windy roads and tiered steps.  Jim and I figure from the beach to our room is equivalent to 9 floors.  I can feel my calf muscles after one day.  It should help work off the food and cocktails I am sure we shall partake in.

We stop for breakfast at the beautiful resort restaurant looking right over the water.  I can't get over the number of humpback whales there are.  You just watch for their blow, which even from where we are is huge.  Then they start jumping and whacking their tails, you can actually see them jump and the splashes they make are amazing.  

Next stop is the Mega (basically a huge walmart) for supplies, ie water, chips, cheese crackers and tostitos.  

Life is tough. Back to the beach

A quick shower and we are off to the town of Cabo San Lucas.  We get dropped off at the marina which has a boardwalk all the way around full of restaurants and stores.

Dinner is at Alexander a big hit, table right on the boardwalk, so lots of people watching and the staff were excellent.  3 meals were prepared right at the table, the Caesar salad, Thai shrimp and yes to top it off Mexican coffee for the lads. Just what they needed to keep them going. Lol

After dinner we headed to The Cabo Wabo.  A must according to the guys, there were bras hanging down from the bars.  We got there an hour too early but by the time we left it was packed and the dance floor was hopping.  Unfortunately we peeked before the younger crowd came in, so we loaded our two wobbly polar bears into a cab and off to bed we went.  It was after 12 at least.  

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