Sunday, February 9, 2014

Los Cabos, Mexico

6:00 am came pretty early on Saturday but the thought of leaving the snow behind helped me to bound out of bed (maybe not I hate getting out of bed).  Thankfully Jim has a harder time sleeping than I do when we travel so he was up early getting the coffee on.  

Finish packing the last few things and the cab driver is on time and off we go to pick up the Irvines.  Our cab driver is an Indian who loves country music.  I was in the far back with the golf clubs and he put Johnny Cash on.  Needless to say I wasn't falling back to sleep or listening to the conversation.  I was just praying that Jim wouldn't do any of his Indian accents.  Luckily there was no traffic and no bad weather.  The drive took 45 minutes, by the end of it Dougie was turning quite green as our driver liked to drive with 2 feet on the pedal, so he was constantly hitting the brakes.  Lol

Check in was a breeze and so was security, then we stopped for breakky.  Terminal 1 has these great areas with iPads on the table so you can order online directly from the table.  Well Jim was the only one who got his whole meal, I got tea but no food so much for technology.

The trip down was great a little turbulence as we hit what I would call the badlands area.  It also could have been caused by Jim's laughter as he watched the movie Last Vegas.  Absolutely hilarious, Jim almost fell out of his seat laughing.  

Mexican customs was a treat, took us over an hour to clear customs.  Looked like 4 flights came in and they only had 2 agents working.  

Our cab was waiting for us with 4 cervezas and somehow the world was right again.

We arrived at our resort and all I can say is breathtaking!!!!!!! Club Regina, Raintree

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