Friday, February 14, 2014

Whale watching and touristy Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful little resort town on both the coast of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.  It is right at the bottom of the Baja Pennisula.  There is a beautiful marina surrounded by restaurants and cafes, a hopping place.  Lots of activities for everyone including some of the best whale watching and deep sea fishing tours on the coast.  

We booked with Ocean Riders -  Jonathon was our Captain, Erik the photographer and Louisa, the sweetest tour guide in the region.  She was able to count down when the whales were going to jump.

The boat was like sitting on a horse, a zodiac with 2 rows of seats, definitely recommend it as everyone was able to see.  If the whale was on the left side those people remained seated and the people on the right were able to stand, and then vice versa.  They whipped us up and down the coast chasing spouts,  the ride itself was exhilarating, the whales phenomenal.  

This is Jonathan, he did a great job following Louisa's directions.. Lol

LOL, I missed him jumping, but did get the splash.  They are so big.......

At the point above the boats had found a mother and baby, so they formed a u around them.  Because the baby can't submerge for as long as the mother it gives you the opportunity to get a good view of them, I was starting to feel a little sorry for them as well.

On the way back in seals and pelicans came out to check to see if we had any bait for them.

These four kinda looked like Jim, Doug, Lindsey and I when we were at Cabo Wabo the other night. Rofl....

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