Wednesday, October 19, 2016

First View of the Eiffel Tower - Magical

OK, I have gone a little Eiffel Tower crazy.  My continuing birthday included a trip up the Eiffel Tower.  As we are driving into Paris and I am watching the little arrow on the GPS and all the cars and walls around us.  Jim goes "hey Lynne there's the Eiffel Tower".  And of course I burst into tears.  Forget the GPS and start clicking pictures.  LOL.  I only put up 2 of the 30 I took while Jim was driving.  Luckily his gps didn't let him down as my head was in the clouds.

Bags were dumped at the hotel, car was returned, thank goodness.  It's great having a car but a little hair raising as well, thankfully they drive on the same side of the road as we do.  And voila it seems like every corner you turn has a view of the Eiffel Tower.  The skyscrapers skirt the outside of the city, so in the main section there isn't anything much bigger than 4 stories.  

We stop for a wee glass of wine and an appetizer and even with our google maps and signs on the roads, we are so close to the tower that we can't find it.  We ask the waiter before we leave, we are going to be doing tons of walking so we don't need to wander aimlessly.  It was basically just around the corner.  Magical !!!!

 I knew it was tall, but I am amazed at how wide it is, which makes sense if you don't want something to topple over, especially if King Kong is clinging to it.


Finally we head to the top.  And yes we went to the summit.  My new favourite phrase appeared as we approached security "Oh my goodness could you picture this in July".  We made it in less than an hour.  Then you line up to get a ticket, then you line up for the elevator, then you line up for the next elevator and voila you are at the top.  There are signs up everywhere warning you about pickpockets.  There were times when you might have to worry about unprotected sex with how tight they jam you into the elevators.  LOL

And one final few, from our hotel room.  We walked into our hotel room, looked out the window and she was actually twinkling, it was like my birthday candle.  LOL.

Now off to dinner, we are both starving.  How could I not want to eat where Ernest Hemingway did - Les Deux Magots  A wonderful end to an amazing day.  

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