Saturday, October 22, 2016

Paris at Night

As wonderful as Paris is during the day it is magical at night time.  All the beautiful buildings and streets now have lovely twinkly lights highlighting their architecture and giving the buildings and streets so much character as people are scurrying about.

When the sun just starts to set, it sets off the tops of building as if they are on fire.  

Below are just a few of my favourite night time shots.  Needless to say after a day of walking the camera didn't come out quite as often as the glass of wine was lifted :).  Enjoy

Beautiful Notre Dame, so spectacular.  

Every corner in Paris is another surprise and a memory of a book or movie from my very impressionable teen years.  Here is another one crossed off my bucket list.  Oh to be able to have a month to really enjoy these amazing landmarks.  Thank goodness for pictures and the internet for allowing me to keep enjoying these amazing places and making memories of my own.  

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