Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lyons-la-Foret a truly medieval town

Friday was a day to catch up on our jet lag and tour around the local area.  We thought we would start off with Lyons-la-foret a true medieval town, next to Les Andeleys overlooked by a beautiful chateau (castle) Gaillard and ending at Monet's beautiful Giverney.  LOL so much for a day of rest.  All the little towns are enclosed by the mountains which means to get from one to the other you have to drive over the mountain.  And voila at the top of the mountain are farmers fields for as far as the eye could see.   

Harvesting was in full swing and these turnips were piled at the side of the road waiting to go to market.  A number of the fields had pheasant hunters walking through the fields with their rifles and their dogs and thankfully their orange vests as there were a number in the area.  

Lyons-la-foret is also sitting amongst a beautiful forest.  As you travel along the farmers fields from one town to the next every so often you come upon a copse of magnificent trees and you realize how the whole area at one time must have been huge forests from one end to the other.

In the morning there was a farmers market which was replaced by an antique market in the afternoon.  Everyone we passed in town was carrying a baquette so we decided to head the way they were coming from.  What an idyllic life, pop out of bed, turn on the coffee and head down for your fresh bread and pastry to have with your breakfast.
Most of the houses were wood timbered houses made from the large oak forests surrounding the town.  The amazing thing is it looks like people have started to renovate ie the 200 year old windows are now only 100 years old :)

So excited about our car being upgraded from a Peugeot 308 to a large Infinity, and finding out that you sometimes have to do a 4 point turn to make a left turn on the many windy roads in the towns and villages :)

Every village has as many flower vendors as they have market vendors.  I am picturing all of these houses with the smell of fresh bread and their lovely flowers on beautiful little wooden tables passed down from generation to generation.  

Even the old doors have so much character.  It is one of the many things about Britain and Europe I love is how their front door being the entrance to their homes are so welcoming and stunning.

The roads connecting these little towns aren't only on top of the hills, but also travel through the farmers fields, in a lot of cases they are one lane and probably belong to the farmers still.  Oh and there is no posted speed limits, so as fast as you can see.  Off to Les Andeleys next

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