Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Honfleur Normandy Coast, felt like a pirate town

Honfleur, this is the town where I can picture Johnny Depp strutting his pirate swagger as he is slashing his way to his ship.  LOL.  On the mouth of the Seine with the waves from the English Channel lapping along its sea wall it was first written about by Richard the III, Duke of Normandy in 1027.  It soon became a major port for shipping goods back and forward between Normandy and England.  It is situated in the Calvados region of Normandy, home to the wonderful Calvados (Apple) Brandy).  Needless to say there are now a couple of bottles in our suitcases.  

After a few pictures, we thought we had better stop for lunch.  It is amazing how many places close at 2 and don't open again until dinner at 7.  We were caught a few times, so now we make sure to be in a restaurant before 2 pm.  This restaurant right on the harbour is a seafood delight.  I don't necessarily like eating it but I do like taking pictures of it.  Too many fishy things can overwhelm me.  The platter below was for a table of 2.  Sitting beside us they had a platter for a table of 4, it was like a seafood fondue, they just kept eating and eating.

Jim ordered oysters I had a cheese fondue, delish.  Those little black things above are winkles (periwinkles) a common snail.  I remember my mom and dad telling me how they would go and look for them when they were on the coast.  Lots of excitement when they found a rock covered with them.

One of these houses has 8 floors in and I am presuming no elevator.  Most of these date back to the 17th century.  I can imagine lots of creaking.

This bridge is the Pont du Normandie, it joins up Le Havre (a major shipping and ferry harbour) with Honfleur.

Jim admiring the art work.  

Me admiring the artwork.  :)

Saint Catherine's is an original wood timbered church dating back to the 15th century.  The original stone church was destroyed in the 100 years war.

A beautiful drive and a beautiful town, well worth the visit.

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