Saturday, October 15, 2016

Notre Dame Cathedral Rouen

Our first stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral of Rouen.  Some of the first stones date back to the middle ages, possibly as early as 400 AD.  Over the years it was added to and destroyed by fire (1800s) and again almost destroyed in the bombings in 1944.  Most of the stained glass was destroyed as well as a ton of the stonework.  It is slowly being renovated and is still magnificent.  The church is huge and has little alcoves/chapels all along the sides.  2 of them were devoted to the workers.  One to the farmers for supplying them with wheat for the sacrament and to feed the priests and one for the workers/stone masons who have been restoring the church since the 50s.  I am not an overly religious person but the awe when you walk into these amazing feats of construction is a little overwhelming and yes I almost started to cry LOL.

To think this was built by man, with little hammers, I am in awe.  

Here is Jim with his link to his Viking heritage.  Rollo was once in control of Rouen (hence the chapel in the church) and his descendant was William the Conqueror who killed his cousin Harold to take over England back in the 1066.  Jim can feel their blood running in his veins.  :)

It is hard not to feel very small when visiting these magnificent churches, not only in size did they dwarf me, but in the history and the effect they had on people lives from the day they were built until now is amazing.  

And oh so beautiful at night time

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