Sunday, October 16, 2016

Les Andelys and Chateau Gaillard

As we are driving over to Les Andelys there is a viewing point looking down on the Seine and the valley.  

Our next stop was the town of Les Andelys with the famous Chateau Gaillard standing watch over it since the 1200s.  Our famous Richard the Lionhearted, who was the Duke of Normandy at the time,  built the fortress to stop the advancement of the french army.  Unfortunately he didn't last long and the French took over control of the castle.

After trying to drive up, we finally gave up and walked/climbed instead.  Made it a little more exciting as we attacked the ramparts.  lol.  And then we saw the parking lot.  Never did find out how you got to it.  Amazing the walk up was easier than the walk down.  With all our creaks and moans Jim and I definitely weren't going to do any surprise attacks.

Fields as far as the eye could see.  I never realized what an amazing farming country France was, always thought their claim to fame was their wine.  This territory is known as the 3C's - Cheese, Cream and Cider, huge apple farms which are needed for their famous Calvados - apple brandy.

Over the years it was expanded and expanded and then slowly dismantled piece by piece to be used in the building of churches and homes.

The views from the castle were amazing. 

Needed a rest after my climb.  

After our climb up and down, we needed just a wee champagne to help us continue on our day.  We discovered this beautiful little tea house 2/3rds of the way down with a beautiful view of the town.

After going through about 100 towns, we realized that the red line meant Au Revoir.  You are exiting the town.  LOL

Off to Giverney and the wonderful works of Claude Monet

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