Saturday, March 12, 2016

Capistrano to Laguna to Newport Beaches

A 2 hour drive over one of the many mountain ranges in California brings us to beautiful Capistrano Beach.  Instead of taking the twisty hwy 74 right over the mountain we skirted it by driving up to Riverside and then down, we met up with some Friday traffic and lots of twisty roads.  And voila around a corner you go and there is the Pacific Ocean again.

We are staying at a Diamond Resort called the Riviera Beach Resort and Spa which is being remodeled, a lovely little 1 bedroom with a balcony looking over the Pacific Ocean on the 4th floor.

Up to the local Smart and Easy grocery store for a few provisions, wine and burgers.  When we come out there is a torrential rain storm, which has knocked over trees not too far from us, but thankfully we still have power.

All the units have covered balconies so we are able to cook our burgers without getting soaked.  Early to bed and the next morning we are off to OC Country.  I think we watched that show for 4 years while Rachel was home.  :)  Fond memories.

Turned out to be a beautiful day, blue skies, big waves and lots of sun for our 8000 step walks.

These pictures are at Laguna Beach, it is amazing how many houses are built right on the mountain sides.  Would not have wanted to be in them during the storm yesterday.

You had to keep your eyes on the waves today. 

Next stop Newport Beach, home of the rich and famous, they must have their chauffeurs drive them everywhere, as parking was crazy.
These are all rental units, a ton of them are being refurbished or rebuilt.  

 A quick stop at K'ya Bistro Bar where we had a great appetizer lunch on top of the building overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  As we were sipping on our Margarita, we spotted 3 whale spumes, so exciting, looked like 2 babies with their mama from the size of the spumes of water.  And no I hadn't even finished my 1st margarita when I spotted them.  :)

Back to Capistrano Beach in time to watch a beautiful sunset from our balcony.

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