Thursday, March 3, 2016

Waikola Beach Resort Golf Course

Surprise, yes this is a golf blog, but I just had to start it with one of the 1000s of lovely flowers around the island.  

We can walk to this course from our condo.  Absolutely stunning, we teeed off at 2 and basically had the course to ourselves, which meant I was able to stop and take pictures anytime I wanted.  With Jim's blessing of course.  Still had to keep our head in the game :).  This is my type of golf, I actually played 18 holes (12 is my favourite) and it only took 3.5 hours.  Boy you can move when no one is around.  The course was built on a lava bed, there are pictures showing 20 feet of lava that they had to move to build the course.  The fairways and greens were amazing, lots of bunkers, lots of water.  Jim did ask if I wanted to play again today.  Unfortunately I had a beach chair all lined up.  Enjoy my pictures.  

One of the beautiful condos that surround the course.  

 Not only was the lava used for the hole markers but also for the tee boxes.  

This is their signature 7th hole.  Right on the water, a dog leg left, par 5, watch out for the ocean :)

 Our condo is one of these buildings on the 12th hole.  
 Clouds surrounding Mauna Kea again.  

  Oops, what can I say, we saw it hit, waited for it to bounce into the pond, but nope just sat there.  Jim's ball :)

A great day, especially when you hit a 93.  

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