Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Walk, Beach and Luau Day at Waikoloa Hawaii

Unbelievable we are still waking up at 7 AM.  That is unheard of for us.  Well that's not true we wake up, but don't usually get UP.  LOL.  There truly is something magical about Hawaii.  We have been walking around our complex which includes timeshares, hotels, and homes.  We discovered this Ancient Foot Path this morning and thought we would try it.  It is lava, the worst thing in the world to walk on when it is broken up.  It moves, it is rough, after about a football field I was deeking across someone's backyard to get back on the road.  We had runners on, I can't imagine walking on this in barefeet, no shade, no water.  Not happening.   

Back home for a quick breakfast and we were off to the beach for our first swim in the Pacific Ocean.  Not sure if I mentioned in an earlier post about the number of cats that have been hanging around our complex.  Last count we were up to 12.  Well it seems like cats are the sacred animal of Hawaii.  As you enter the beach there is a whole complex of cats.  Looks like heaven on earth, a little gazebo, lots of trees to climb, birds everywhere, rocks to lie on people come and feed you and everyone who walks by has to ogle and google eyes at you.  There is even a little balcony so the lowly people can get a little closer to your palace.  LOL.  It's awesome and yes Jim and I were 2 of the people cooing and awing at them.  I even bought cat food for the ones at our condo.


The beach was wonderful, warm water, not too salty and not too rough.  Sandy bottom what more could we ask for.  Well maybe it would have been nice if there wasn't that little breeze that made me think I didn't need sunscreen.  I look a little bit like I was dipped in lava.  Do we ever learn?

Back to the room to get changed for the Luau at the Hilton tonight.  The Hilton is amazing, it is like a Vegas hotel.  There is a little tram and a little boat to help you get around as it is so big.  Lots of shops, pools and a lovely restaurant right on the water where the waves break and the sun sets.

"What's the catch of the day Chef?"  They go wherever they want lol

After a tour of the hotel we went off to the Luau.  

Have to say I was a wee bit disappointed.  The show was great (only lasted an hour).  Can't believe how quick the girls can move their hips (amazing costumes) and the guys their legs (even better costumes).  The flame thrower was scary amazing, he had wheels of fire going faster than you could focus.  The food was about what I expected.  But just ridiculously overpriced.  $360 American.  If you come to Hawaii do the one Rachel and Jay did, it was a 1 day tour of the Polynesian Village, with all sorts of history and info followed by a dinner and luau.  

Asleep by 10 again dreaming about our visit to the active volcano tomorrow.  

In case you want to hear the waves :)

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