Friday, March 4, 2016

Waikiki Beach

Goodbye Hawaii, hello Waikiki.  A lovely send off from the Kona Airport.

What a pleasant surprise.  Here I was thinking Wasaga Beach and it was way more like South Beach in Miami.  An absolutely beautiful beach that was very busy.  There were just as many people walking the streets as there were on the beach.  The high end stores like Saks, Versace, Coach, etc were just bustling with people.

Our other pleasant surprise was our hotel.  I booked the Moana Surfrider Westin Hotel using my little blue air miles card (all those points from the LCBO paid off).  This is one of the original hotels on the beach and is just full of charm and history.  Lovely rooms, lovely restaurants and right on the beach.

After checking in we decided to head out for a walk, people everywhere, dressed to the nines with their arms full of shopping bags.  Not what I expected at all.

Something to do with all those wine corks I have collected over the years!!!

Next stop the beach, lots of people, big waves, but beautiful water.  Until I saw the following sign.  Every month around 8 days after the full moon the jelly fish come floating into the beach.  They actually have a website with all the dates on for people planning holidays.  That was it for me no way was I going in.

Well after our walk along the beach and watching all these crazy people having so much fun in the water I finally ventured my feet in.  Everytime I saw a leaf I was backing up.  It was like the jelly fish were just waiting for me.  Jim is laughing and jumping in and out.  Then this white thing goes floating up to us, I squeak and then we burst into laughter, it was a used condom, the most dangerous thing in the water.  LOL

We rented a couple of beach chairs and plunked ourselves down for the afternoon of people watching and a fantastic sunset.  There must have been a 100 people on the beach witht their cameras ready for the perfect shot.

Finished the night off with a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant, sitting on their porch, early to bed and up at 5:30 for our trip to Palm Springs.  We loved Waikiki Beach, would go back for a weekend for sure, but a week just might be a little long for us old folks :)

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