Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort Palm Springs

Golf day has arrived.  Threatening rain, cold, doesn't sound like we will get the round in, packing lots of warm clothes.  It is snowing in the mountains, course is wet, but not raining on us.  We make sure to get golf carts with windows on the front.  Seniors golf is $70 which includes, golf, cart, free lunch and 2 drinks each.  The Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort is just 15 minutes away.  

I love taking golf course pictures but I must admit today the mountains were calling again.  And too boot they had some beautiful clouds around them.  

The clouds and sky were changing as fast as you could take a picture.

Finally saw our Road Runner, there were lots on the course.  No Wily-e-Coyote though.

Don't you love Costco clothes.  Lindsey and I are matching.

This house on the hill, looks like an alien ship has landed.  Great roof line for keeping the water away from the building.

I am sure that is hot chocolate Lindsey is having not chilled chardonnay.

The day went from cold to warm and back to cold.  But we did get the round finished in 4 hours.

Sorry it was like god was peeking through the clouds and I didn't want to miss him :)

Beautiful course would definitely play it again if there weren't 119 others to try :). 

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