Monday, March 7, 2016

Palm Springs first photographs

Up at 5:30 and on the plane to LA at 8 am.  Great plane ride and then we collected our rental car.  Advice:  DO ANYTHING YOU CAN NOT TO DRIVE IN LA.  4 hours later we were in Palm Springs.  It was black dark, but the Irvine's had a nice bottle of wine waiting for use.  A quick drink and we were off to 360 North for dinner.  A lovely home cooked Italian meal, just what the doctor ordered.  We were all thoroughly enjoying ourselves until Lindsey mentioned that the restaurant name was easy to remember as she was there with 3 60 year olds.  HA HA HA.

The next day Jim and I were in for a wonderful surprise when we opened the patio doors and there was this beautiful mountain range to greet us.


We are staying at the Palm Canyon Resort.  A lovely resort with 2 bedrooms and a full/small kitchen, great for breakfast and lunches.

A quick breakfast and we were off to the town to check out the town.

Some lovely old buildings and then we found a great little artist's market.  

How do I get this on the plane ???

These little rocks were solar powered which made the butterflies, fish, etc move.  

Every where you looked in town you could see the mountains.  

Just too cute, I need a caption ???

Our rental car, lol don't we wish, Jim would need a new hat :)

Hoping to go up this tram on Tuesday.

Snow in the mountains

On the way back we stopped at Ralph's (the local grocery store) for a view supplies along with a quick stop at the Palm Liquor Store where we picked up our buy of the day.  The owner gave Jim some great touristy advice so we are off to Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow.

Thousands upon thousands of windmills.  

Well if today is an example, be prepared to see lots of mountain pictures, with the odd desert picture.

Dinner tonight was at Lulu the busiest restaurant/bar in Palm Springs.  A  California Bistro where I had a mashed potato mushroom cap appetizer and stuffed acorn squash with quinoa, beans and corn.  yum yum.  Lots of people watching.

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