Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Crossings Golf Course in Carlsbad California - a wee gem

Is there any better way than to start your day off with a walk and if that walk is along the ocean with the waves crashing you have just reached paradise.  LOL  well maybe not, it was a little chilly and there were cars and trains going by, but I still couldn't keep my eyes off the waves.  And then I started looking for sea glass.  Found a few lovely pieces which I will add to my collection at the cottage.

Back to the condo to do a little work and then we were off for a drive down the coast to Carlsbad - the City by the Sea.  This town is about 1/2 way between us (Capistrano) and San Diego right on the coast with a population of over 100,000.  All of these little towns remind me of the resort towns in England, lots of walking paths, waves crashing and the old with the new.  Little old houses beside brand new resorts.

We checked out a few timeshares for future use and then came upon this little gem of a golf course, called The Crossings.   If you are scared of heights or roller coasters - beware.  I have never been on so many high tee boxes, the views were amazing.  This course is definitely not for walkers, even if you could manage the elevation changes without oxygen, you would need to catch a bus to get you from hole to hole.  I am amazed at how zippy the carts were with all the miles we put on them.

 The course does a wonderful job of maintaining the natural environment.  This also made it challenging if you couldn't hit the fairways.  Winds were blowing in all directions as well.  And we saw our first rattlesnake sign.  This was just after Jim crawled into the bushes to retrieve a ball.  He was so excited to come out with 3, until he saw the sign.

We only played 12 holes as we caught up to the field and it was getting a wee bit chilly up on those hills.  I was happy with my 51 on the front 9, not happy with my 2 lost balls on the 10th hole.  LOL. 

If we come back next year, we will definitely plan on playing all 18.  

A 35 minute drive home just in time for a glass of wine as we watched the sun settle over the Pacific.  

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